Utilization of micronutrient-rich dehydrated green leafy vegetables in formulation of traditional products.

Sheetal Gupta, and Jamuna Prakash, (2011) Utilization of micronutrient-rich dehydrated green leafy vegetables in formulation of traditional products. AFS, Advances in Food Sciences, 33 (1). pp. 34-43.

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Utilization of micronutrient-rich dried greens in product formulation was the objective of the study. 'Annae' (Celosia argentea) and curry leaf (Murraya koenigii) were steam-blanched after chem. pretreatment and dried in an oven. Dried greens were analyzed for proximate constituents, vitamins, minerals, antinutrients and bioavailable minerals. Dehydrated greens were incorporated into 'Dhokla' (legume-based fermented product eaten as a snack) and chutney powder (legume-based food adjunct), at 4, 8 and 12 % levels. The products were evaluated for sensory quality in comparison to a control (without greens) by an untrained panel numbering 80. Anal. of chem. compn. showed no significant losses in the proximate, mineral and antinutrient contents of dehydrated greens. Results of sensory anal. revealed that products incorporated with 4% dehydrated greens were similar to control in texture, taste and overall quality. However, acceptability scores were reduced with increasing concn. of greens. Addn. of dehydrated greens increased the nutrient d. of all products. Dehydrated green leafy vegetables are rich sources of micronutrients. Utilizing these rich natural sources of micronutrients can be a feasible, inexpensive food-based approach for combating micronutrient malnutrition which is prevalent in populations, esp. in developing countries. [on SciFinder(R)]

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