Ethyl ester of pongamia (Honge) oil: ecologically safe fuel.

Chandraju, S. and Prathima, B. K. (2003) Ethyl ester of pongamia (Honge) oil: ecologically safe fuel. Chemical & Environmental Research, 12 (3 & 4,). pp. 289-293. ISSN 0971-2151

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The use of the Et ester of a non-edible oil and its performance in blends for diesel engines was studied. The results showed a 14-16.6% mileage improvement and 65-70.5% smoke redn. on using pure Et ester of pongamia oil (E.E.P.O.) and a E.E.P.O.-10% blend. Compared to diesel, the E.E.P.O. (10% blend) shows 70.5% redn. of exhaust emissions. Pure E.E.P.O. is the best alternative fuel compared to high speed diesel (HSD) due to its high calorific value and oily nature which leads to smooth operation of the engine. There is not much information about the usage of Et ester of pongamia oil in this way and the usage of Et fatty esters as an oxygenated, low-S, green fuel, was studied as an ecol.-safe fuel for diesel replacement in compression ignition engines. Upgrading the fuel is achieved by blending with HSD up to 10% or as a substitute and this results in a decrease of ash (0.009%) for pure E.E.P.O. and a 14-16% improvement in mileage, without diesel engine modification. [on SciFinder(R)]

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